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CARE Network Evaluations

CARE Network providers must submit every medical evaluation to the Resource Center for tracking and quality assurance.


The exam consent form must be used for all CARE Network evaluations that are submitted. 

Instructions for Submitting First CARE Network Evaluation:

All CARE Network providers receive an email containing a unique link to use for entering evaluations. It is advised that providers set up an email folder (named CARE Network or something similar) to store the message containing this unique link and other evaluation related emails.

  1. Click on the unique link found in the email received. 

    • It is advised to have all the information needed available, such as test results, at the time of data entry.  However, the system will allow the provider to leave the evaluation and return to complete it later at any stage of entry both prior to, and after, submitting the evaluation. Steps for returning to an evaluation are listed below.

  2. Enter all evaluation information and click "submit​"

    • A PDF will be available with the information the provider entered for the evaluation. The provider may save this document for their records.

  3. Upon entering and submitting the first network evaluation, a web page will open. Bookmark the web page for submitting future evaluations. 

Watch this short tutorial for step-by-step instructions to follow when you are ready to submit your first evaluation.




Submitting Subsequent Evaluations 

  1. Select the previously bookmarked web page in your browser and a screen like the one below will appear. 

  2. To enter a NEW evaluation, select the “Take this survey again” button (green arrow)--DO NOT select any of the “Edit Response” buttons when you wish to enter a new evaluation. 



Watch this short tutorial for step-by-step instructions to follow when submitting subsequent evaluations.

















Returning to a Previously Submitted or Incomplete Evaluation in CNPS Database: 

In general it is recommended providers finalize evaluations before submitting as there are several steps that must be kept track of to return to complete or update an evaluation.

Returning to an evaluation is applicable in two cases: 

  1. When the provider is unable to completely enter an evaluation before submitting it (such as another priority came up), and

  2. After submitting an evaluation but the provider wishes to update it later (such as to add test results that were not available at the time of the initial entry). 

Watch this short tutorial for step-by-step instructions to follow when returning an incomplete evaluation or a previously submitted evaluation
















A Few Notes When Returning to an Incomplete Evaluation: 

  • On each window in an evaluation there will be a “Save & Return” button at the bottom—select it to save for future evaluation finalization.

  • Selecting the button will open a window providing a code to enter. It is recommended that providers save the code along with the child’s name in a document that is stored in a CARE Network folder on the provider’s computer.  Save the document but leave it open for possible use in a step below.

  • Another window will be visible in the background when selecting “Close” of the “Return Code Needed to return” window. There are two options to proceed with this window: 

  1. Select “Continue Survey Now” to go back to the survey to complete it 

  2. The provider may enter their email address and a link will be sent to them to continue the survey at a time convenient for the provider. 


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