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ABOUT (CARE Network)

Expertise to conduct medical exams and behavioral health assessments to evaluate suspected cases of child abuse and neglect is extremely limited.  There are only six board-certified specialists in the field of child abuse pediatrics in Colorado – five in Denver and one in Colorado Springs.  Distances limit access to expert evaluations in most of the state’s 64 counties, resulting in a serious problem with lack of support for providers to be able to conduct medical exams and behavioral health assessments for suspected physical and sexual abuse or neglect.


The CARE Network's aim is to increase local capacity by building appropriate infrastructure to provide technical assistance and resources through a state-funded program that develops and maintains a standardized, coordinated response to suspected child abuse and neglect through a network of designated healthcare providers.


Under contract with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, The Kempe Center serves as The Resource Center for these designated CARE Network providers to offer the following support: 


  • Training conducted by board-certified Child Abuse Pediatricians on how to identify signs of risk for maltreatment

  • Ongoing education and mentorship opportunities

  • Direct access to comprehensive evidence based medical and behavioral health assessments for suspected physical & sexual abuse

  • Expert consultation when direct access is not possible

  • Streamlined referral process for designated providers  

  • Access to available resources to ensure continuing care

  • Enhanced reimbursement for evaluations and assessments conducted by for CARE Network providers

CARE Network providers are physicians, psychologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and licensed behavioral health providers that have made a commitment to providing children, for which abuse or neglect is suspected, easy access to proper diagnosis and care by completing the CARE Network new provider training and participating in continuing education and mentorship.

To learn more about detailed requirements and how to join the CARE network, click below:

CARE Network Partners 
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical

DISCLAIMER: Opinions, recommendations or feedback given to a CARE Network provider by a Kempe mentor is based on limited information shared and is not based on an examination of the patient, a complete medical or behavioral health history, or review of the complete medical record. These opinions or recommendations may inform the requesting clinician's professional judgement but should not be the sole basis for the patient's treatment plan. By providing this service, the Kempe consultant is not establishing a clinician-patient relationship nor is the Kempe consultant taking responsibility for the continued treatment of this client, unless otherwise specified.

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