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The CARE Network is funded under a contract with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. The CARE Network reimburses designated providers for their participation in the network. 

CARE Network Billing Set Up Information

The CARE Network develops invoices, and submits them, on behalf of providers based on information providers enter into the CNPS database. 

  • New providers will receive an email with the subject line “CARE Network Billing Set Up Instructions”. A link to CNPS will be embedded in the email and specific to the recipient provider. 

  • The following information will be needed to complete the billing information in CNPS. Please prepare prior to selecting the link in the email:

  • Billing Agency, if this is different than the provider’s legal name

  • Billing Street, Apt (if any), City, State and Zip Code

  • The Purchase Order (PO) that has been issued to the provider by Kempe: 

    • 1) PO number 

    • 2) PO Begin Date

    • 3) PO End Date.

  • Please read the information/directions in the email, then select the embedded link.  The link will open the database.  Complete all required fields and select the “Submit” button.  Providers will only need to complete this step one time. 

If you encounter any issues with billing set up or have not received your email instructions, please email

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