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How to get involved with the CARE Network 

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CARE Network providers have made a commitment to provide children for which abuse or neglect is suspected easy access to proper diagnosis and care. Designated CARE Network providers are: 

  • Physicians (MD, DO)

  • Psychologists (Psy.D, Ph.D)

  • Advanced Practice Providers (PA, NP)

  • Licensed Behavioral Health Providers (LPC, LMFT, LCSW, APN)

  • Nurses (RN practicing as FNE or SANE)

For more information on requirements and how to join the CARE Network as a designated provider:

Community Service


​In an effort to support the CARE Network Designated Providers, the following community resources for families to address health and social needs have been compiled.  Visit the CARE Network Community Resource Directory for detailed information on continuing care resources across the state of Colorado, including contact information for agencies and institutions responsible for the health and safety of children. 


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Are you interested in having a CARE Network representative visit your organization to present about the network or do you have questions about joining as a designated provider? 

Please reach out to let us know! Email our team with your questions and someone will respond to your inquiry with additional information. 

Why join the CARE Network? 

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Every year in Colorado, thousands of children are impacted by maltreatment.

Expertise to conduct medical evaluations and behavioral health screenings in suspected cases of child maltreatment is extremely limited.

When children do not have access to specialized services, they do not receive the care they need.

Any child impacted by physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect should have access to quality care.



Increase capacity throughout the state by establishing a standardized and coordinated medical and behavioral health response to suspected cases of child maltreatment.

Build a designated network of providers around the state who are committed to providing quality care for children within their communities.

Ensure support for network providers through education and training opportunities, mentorship, financial reimbursement and other resources.

The healthcare provider is an important partner to other systems working to ensure child safety and family well-being.

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When child maltreatment is suspected, healthcare professionals play a crucial role in recognition and treatment, family support and community collaboration. Behavioral health professionals play a critical role in assessment and intervention. 


YOU can join the network. Learn more about requirements, commitment, training and how to join: Medical provider? Click here. Behavioral health provider? Click here.

"I've been the "child abuse physician" for the six counties that make up the 7th Judicial District for 33 years. I'm also a general Pediatrician in a busy practice. I used conferences, reading, and "the school of hard knocks" to access training. The CARE Network program has been a game changer for me. Through this program, I have access to a mentor to review my cases and that I can call for consultation. All of the members receive great education through the ECHO programs and case presentations this program provides. There is also an annual training that I feel is specifically tailored to our skill levels. It provides good research proven material in a manner that is practical for practice. I feel fortunate to have this available to me and the children of Colorado. I'm encouraging my partners and our SANE providers to access this program as well. It is absolutely worth the time spent."

Dr. Mary Vader

CARE Network Provider


DISCLAIMER: Opinions, recommendations or feedback given to a CARE Network provider by a Kempe mentor is based on limited information shared and is not based on an examination of the patient, a complete medical or behavioral health history, or review of the complete medical record. These opinions or recommendations may inform the requesting clinician's professional judgement but should not be the sole basis for the patient's treatment plan. By providing this service, the Kempe consultant is not establishing a clinician-patient relationship nor is the Kempe consultant taking responsibility for the continued treatment of this client, unless otherwise specified.

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